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I acknowledge the fact that this comic is no longer updated. It is always a possibility that someday I will work once again on Bleak the Demon,
but for the time being it would appear that our little Demon is taking a break in Limbo.
A large thanks to all the fans who stuck with it. Your support made this all possible.

Hello, you may call me M.

I have been creating small comics as a hobby for as long as I can remember. Bleak is my latest and favorite comic, as well as the first strip I have ever posted openly online. All the character in this comic are original, and the majority of them are based of of older doodles I have made throughout the years. Bleak himself is partially based off of the over-simplistic characters I used to feature in my now discontinued comic Almost Blank Page. I had always enjoyed their plain circle heads sporting only eyes for expression, and it was because of this that I designed Bleak with an almost identical look.

I usually prefer to update at least once every one or two days, but like all things in life I will occasionally fall behind and for that I apologize.

My DA Page can be found here

If for any reason you wish to contact me you may reach me at the appropriately named

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