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I acknowledge the fact that this comic is no longer updated. It is always a possibility that someday I will work once again on Bleak the Demon,
but for the time being it would appear that our little Demon is taking a break in Limbo.
A large thanks to all the fans who stuck with it. Your support made this all possible.


Here is a place where I post all the different images of the Cube dressed up that come in. If you wish to submit something you can do so by emailing it to

It would help if you put "Cube Art" as the subject, and provide the name you wish to be credited as (Just a first or last name, or an online alias. I DO NOT want your full name as that would make me a creeper and I usually try to avoid that sort of thing as a general rule)

Mail is usually checked at least once a week, and a reply will be sent if your drawing is posted. By sending me a piece of fanart you are automatically acknowledging that I have permission to post it on this page and this page only. Signing your work somewhere is highly encouraged!

By Phantomgunman

By Alani

By Zane57

By Animedreamgirl121

By Zane57

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