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I acknowledge the fact that this comic is no longer updated. It is always a possibility that someday I will work once again on Bleak the Demon,
but for the time being it would appear that our little Demon is taking a break in Limbo.
A large thanks to all the fans who stuck with it. Your support made this all possible.

June 30th, 2011, 11:45 pm

A lot of flowers dying lately

But on that note we have a new character, the lovely Flora has just joined up. Everybody say hello and play nice and all that jazz.

Just a reminded that I'd love to see other people trying to draw my characters in their own style. If you are interested I'd be happy to put anything you come up with in the Fan Art Corner (unless it is rule 34 stuff...) I'm especially looking for drawings of Flora, as she is the only one not in the Corner at the moment and I feel bad for her D:

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