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I acknowledge the fact that this comic is no longer updated. It is always a possibility that someday I will work once again on Bleak the Demon,
but for the time being it would appear that our little Demon is taking a break in Limbo.
A large thanks to all the fans who stuck with it. Your support made this all possible.

June 21st, 2011, 12:35 am

Fan Art Corner Up and Running

Just put up the fanart corner. Basically the little post I put at the top of it already explains everything about it for I really have no need to go on and on about it here.

Funny enough the fanart is mostly of characters I've yet to catch up to so I suppose for the time being one might be warned that it might be a bit of a spoiler zone.

I'll post another 2 comics in a little bit in an attempt to catch up with myself. The comic on DA is currently at 17 strips so we having a bit of ground to cover.

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